The 2021 Online Rare Beer Raffle

This year we’re doing two Online Rare Beer Raffles – one in the Spring and one in the Fall!

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Spring Raffle


The Spring Rare Beer Raffle is now live! It closes May 3, and winners are announced on May 5!

Fall Raffle

Coming Soon

More details on the Fall raffle will be available soon! We expect it to start around September.

How do I enter?

Decide what tier you want to enter, add it to your cart, and then complete your checkout, and that’s it!

How many tickets can I buy?

There are different tiers depending on how many entires you want. The more entries you purchase the more chances you have to win!

Who can win?

The online baskets are only open to online entries and not event attendees. That means a better chance you win!

Will you ship me the beer?

Absolutely. We’ll contact winners to coordinate the best time and place to ship the beer, and we’ll foot the bill.

When will we know who won?

We will do the online rare beer raffle drawings before the event and announce the winners the week following the event.

Can I enter online if I’m attending the event?

Yes you can! Just know you have to enter before the event on April 7.


Our online raffle is open to anyone!

Can’t make the event? No problem! Every year we have a set number of beer baskets that anyone can enter even if you aren’t at the event. The online beer baskets are only available to online entries! We’ll draw for and notify the winners right after the event and ship them their beer (for free, of course). It’s an amazing way to help our cause and get a chance to win some of the world’s most sought after beer. 

Purchasing entries for the rare beer raffle is easy and is done through our online store. You can purchase as many entries as you want and can designate which baskets they go into. 

Whales for Wishes 2021

The Spring Raffle Boxes

Box 1: Whalez, bro!

Box 2: Pliny The Younger & Rare IPAs

Box 3: Hop Head’s Dream

Bonus Box: Even More Younger

Whales for Wishes is an annual bottle share and rare beer raffle put on by TheBeerExchange.io that raises money for Make-A-Wish Central and Western NC. All logos, content, and images copyright Whales for Wishes 2019.